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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Spring! Hello Bunnies!

It’s spring and all the bunnies are out! 

These scenes depicts a tiny rabbit on a cloudy spring day. Wild rabbits aren’t to be kept indoors and framed. It’s inhumane… So that’s why I made these little cuties. 

They’re little to no maintenance and they just stare at you with that adorable face as they are ready to be hanged and displayed in your art collection. I used assorted materials to create each piece. From glitter, twigs, flock, and polymer clay. All handmade by me. 

No molds were used to duplicate any of these pieces, making them all different from one another.  

 The drippy frame was made out of hot glue then painted. Believe it or not, I lost feeling in two of my fingers getting these just right.  Yep,  a small part of me died as I made these. ^_^ 

The perfect gift for yourself or any bunny lover! Rabbit skulls not included. *Sad Trombone*

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